Internship program

Internship opportunity will be given to the best two participants of each workshop group. They will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in operating businesses.

Internship program

You will have a chance to see how they run these companies in the reality , you can practice your Hungarian and you can consult with the management.

We are looking forward to meeting participants!

MIGBIZ Project

The workshops

Successful applicants will be able to participate in a 6X6-hour business development workshop..

Personal consultations

You can have personally targeted. We offer individual consultations for the most serious participants..

Internship program

We will manage two-two participants from each group as interns to learn from the real business companies..

Extra activities

You can ask and get free interpretation and childcare services for the project activities..

Entreprenaurship forum

On a monthly basis we organise meetings and events for foreigner business people, where the most..

Learn Hungarian

Through the project activities you can gain a new level of knowledge of business Hungarian..

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